Sense of identity

Creating and maintaining a successful brand is both an art and a science. You might want to add some intuition, passion and determination into that mix for good measure too!

Understanding the soul of a business and expressing it visually is a special skill that we have developed over the years. A blend of challenging, consistency, aesthetics and strategy a good brand goes way beyond that which is seen and captures the hearts and minds of the customer.

We are primarily a design consultancy. But branding is much more than just the visual. It reaches out into every thing that you do. Be you a personal brand or a multi-national.

Every interaction you have, affects your brand, positively or negatively. Whatever the conduit or channel that connects with an opinion former, it shapes how your brand is perceived by all those with an interest in it. Once released into the wild the brand is at the mercy of the world.

Our aim is to give your brand the best start in life. Working with you to synchronise what we produce conceptually and visually with your company personality, vision and goals. Understanding your business, exploring the competitors, the culture you inhabit  and then delivering a concrete solution that will last way beyond any trendy distractions.

The same process applies to brands that need a refresh. We take stock and partner with you in revitalising the brand onto the right track. Taking the recognisable good and reshaping the negatives.

We are incredibly passionate about delivering great brands, we are a creative nation with a reputation for design excellence. That is the tradition which we seek to perpetuate.

We’ve worked with other people’s brands big and small, always with the same reverence and respect. Here are a few of our own favourites. If you go for the PicLens option, expect it to pop up a new window.