Casestudy: WordCamp UK 2011

Here’s the collected design work from this year’s WordCamp Portsmouth UK 2011

This is the largest amount of design work done for a WordCamp in the UK to date. And according to comments during the weekend the best branded and most cohesive in terms of look and feel.

We’re very pleased with that response, it makes all the pixel pushing worthwhile! One delegate said it was the “best branded conference for a while”.

The event website is usually the first thing that people see, and it’s where the theme and logo make their debut. Jonny Albut then worked his immense wizardry to build it in virtually no time at all and knocked into shape!

Another option – also on a nautical theme was a WordCamp compass, but the wheel prevailed. Thankfully the compass didn’t go to waste, you can see it as the ‘Getting there’ icon if you squint hard enough.

The next stage is usually the tshirt, as there’s a brief pause before we get enough information to consider signage.

If you missed out on one of these fine garments, and you’d like to get your paws on what’s sure to become a collectors’ item then you might want to check the event page now and again as we’re going to try and make them available to as many people as we can through that site.

If you’re super lucky and remember the Madchester influenced one we did the year before, you may even find a few of those lurking there too.

So on to the signage…

Here’s a quick snapshot of the signage we prepared, again carrying on the nautical theme and repeating the ship’s wheel device. And yes I know the Saturday one was never seen, but there will be other Saturday nights!

While this was going on the fabulous StinkyInk offered to sponsor the printing of some lovely notebooks. We created a version of the logotype to be screen printed onto the front and come Saturday morning there they were tidily stacked ready to be scrawled in. Be sure to drop them a line to say thanks if a couple of notebooks ended up in your bag.

A really nice precise three colour job, two blues and a silver.

And last but not least the lanyards, badges and stickers. We really hope you liked them, especially the overachievers who ended up with more than seven!

That’s the lot, if I’ve missed anything out then please let me know and we’ll include it here. Thanks to all of those who contributed ideas to the designs.

The website homepage

The main visual device.

Tshirt front



Badges and stickers