Casestudy: Magnetic RC

A new creative industry recruiter needs a name and an identity. These are the sort of challenges we love!

A recruiter is only as good as the people the have on their books, so it became obvious that the theme of ‘attracting people’ would be very strong.

Extensive experience coupled with and a passion for delivery, service and innovation MagneticRC already had an envious reputation for going the extra mile to successfully service both client and canditate. To distinguish them further from the rest of an already congested field we created a look and feel that had a beauty as well as a meaning.

Much of the industry continues to look very similar, the organic shapes and power of the aurora borealis creates a distinctive look and feel that sets MagneticRC apart from the trailing crowd.

Both the photographic elements and the distincitve ‘m’ character appear on all elements of the idenity in one form or another.

We continue to enjoy working with Magnetc RC on all sorts of creative projects.


Core brand visual

Corporate ID

Promo cards

Office documents


HTML Email campaign