Printed matters

If print is dead, then we didn’t get the memo.

We excel in producing amazing print that works.
Not just pretty but persuasive and productive.

From flyers for small businesses to annual reports for multi-nationals (and everything in between) bring it on!

Thankfully we’ve been doing this long enough to remember a time before computers. We then rode the wave of technology to where we are today, taking the best of old traditions and the innovations of the new. Multi platform publishing, user-generated content and an array of visual languages all mixed, shaken, stirred and coexisting.

But, in order to deliver great print, you need to understand paper and type. Form and colour. Textures, finishes, crops, bleeds, tints, metallic and gradients. The arsenal of the print designer is complex and varied, like an orchestra of tone, intonation, soft or loud, crashing or comforting.

Great print is able to compliment and enhance the creative work and take it to a new level. There is a physicality to good print work, in that you can feel and appreciate the quality. This doesn’t follow that it’s high volume or high cost.

We enjoy designing flyers, corporate identities, advertising, brochure and annual report work. And everything in between. We’ve even turned our hand to packaging on occasion too. We have an extensive network of printers, print brokers, artworkers, photographers, model makers, models, stylists, translators, proof readers, copywriters, well pretty much anyone you’d need to deliver a stunning example of the printed word.

The environment is a constant factor in all that we do, but none more than in print work. We work with printers and suppliers who use sustainable sources or recycled stock. Inks that won’t decimate the water table and varnishes that cause as little damage as possible. We are happy to arrange for certification of any work to the relevant standard and include the marques in our final design.