We use a process loosely called 4D.

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Establishing a frame of reference is often the first and most important step in formulating the design brief. This effectively gives the designer a space to create in rather than having no limits at all.

The discovery phase varies from project to project. It could be as simple as a quick meeting with the client or a larger exercise that includes focus groups and market research. We don’t just rely on data, we add our experience and creative instinct to arrive at an agreed brief. This part of the project is mindful of the project budget and timeframe.

We always work closely with the client throughout our projects. At no point do we assume we know your business better than you do. By learning more about your world we can apply our creativity more effectively and appropriately.

At the end of the discovery phase we’ll also agree what the deliverables are for the project.


We will always give the client options. Our ethic is firstly to satisfy the brief, then exceed it. This may include offering the client a variety of solutions and mediums to consider.

We’ll also challenge the brief and make sure we’re getting to the heart of the problem rather than just the symptoms. We’ll then have an iterative process of design and concept, which will then be distilled into the best solution to your brief.


If creativity could be done by the numbers then we’d probably all be out of a job. The brief gives us perimeters to work within, then the design invites us to imagine, problem solve and make real our solutions. We always want to add a bit of magic. We want to delight the end user, of course the client and ourselves.

This is why we come to work. Our goal is always to create something special within each project. Something that goes beyond the mundane and functional. We want to do it better than anyone else.


We always try to apply smart design. This means design that is efficient, cost effective and ecologically sound. We’ll seek out economies of scale, production and fulfillment relevant to your current projects. We want to continue building positive relationships with clients and suppliers.

This means we’re here for the long term. We know that if we do our job properly then you’ll be successful and come back to us as you grow and expand.