City Slick

We’re adept at creating sites and documents that work with large and small corporate organisations, including government.

Dealing with stakeholers and regulators, you need to understand business, bureaucracy and bytes…


We deal with a lot of different industries but having extensive connections in the Square Mile mean that we’ve been lucky enough over the years to work with some of the world’s largest financial names. We have close connections, friendships and working relationships with every aspect of the financial industry. Retail and Merchant Banking, Insurance and Broking as well as the associated media activites around them such as PR and Events.

Large institutions often have rosters of agencies to pick from, obviously we would like to be the agency of choice for all our clients but appreciate that sometimes work together in teams of agencies we can each apply our talents in concert to best serve the client.

Being detail focussed and time aware we know the importance of delivery accurately in short time-scales. Our experience goes beyond traditional graphic design to information design, the creative and clear expression of complex concepts and data.

We also enjoy working on prestige short run documents, such as M&A work, placing prospectuses and instant brands during insolvency and firesales.