Harrisment is a creative consultancy committed to helping businesses and individuals meet their strategic goals.

We work with people, companies and organisations to solve their design challenges and by solving their creative problems, move their endeavours forward, helping them achieve their objectives.

Harrisment works with a broad range of organisations including, design and advertising agencies, Government, multinationals and start-ups. We work with clients to discover and deliver the best solution for their business.

The practice works across most media. This can be print, web, identity, branding, strategic and experiential. We help clients talk to their diverse audiences in the most efficient and effective way possible.

We help start-ups build strong brands from Day One giving them a competitive advantage and then working with them as they grow. Harrisment helps organisations define and realise their strategic and business goals through great design, advertising and communication.

We know that design is more than a visual medium, it needs to be smart thinking not tied down by stock solutions or repetition. It needs to innovate and avoid the predictable, always driven by the best solution to the challenge in hand not merely reflecting the competition.

Every industry needs great creatives and designers who can engage, understand and appreciate the business imperatives, who can partner with clients anddeliver what they need effectively as well as offer innovative alternatives.

We are always looking forward to the next challenge.