S4C Eisteddfod identity looks very familiar

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S4C Eisteddfod identity looks very familiar

I don’t think this has happened to me before. You’re sitting down to watch some TV and there it is! Something that looks pretty much like something you designed months and months ago… but it’s not yours, it’s not something that you designed… it’s very close though, you could almost say inspired by or in homage to, the cynic would obviously say ‘ripped off’ or ‘stolen’ but we don’t want to use words like that here… naturally I’m very flattered…

Have a look and decide for yourselves…

S4C ident for their coverage of the 2010 National Eisteddfod for Wales.

And then there’s the identity I created for Tetrahedra previously…


Let’s see same very distinctive typeface, same colour ‘rainbow’ treatment, same shadows and reflections . . . what are the chances?


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    As the very satisfied owner of the Tetrahedra logo, I might be biased in saying that it knocks spots off the Eisteddfod logo. The colours are more subtle, the letters are more distinct and the background doesn’t distract. Altogether classier.

    Even after a year or so, looking at the Tetrahedra logo still gives me a buzz of pleasure. You should be proud of that bit of work.


  2. Seems pretty far fetched to me to say it is a rip off. Are you going to suggest that with all brands that use a similar font? The treatment is similar however hardly the same, your version very hard and almost chrome like where as their’s is much softer and watery. Seems to me like it’s much more likely to be a coincidence. No piece of design is new or unique it’s all been done before if you look hard enough.



    • I don’t say it’s a rip off but there are many similarities. It’s the same font, used in the same way, with a rainbow colour drift, reflection, on a light background, the Eisteddfod version also uses hard refections within as well, it’s less watery than you think.

      As you say it’s probably a coincidence, if I was that worried about my ip then I would have taken it further. It was other people that brought it to my attention and there’s going to be a new Eisteddfod logo this year as there is every year. I suppose purely by the law of averages it’ll look like something someones done somewhere! I need to make the irony more apparent in my posts I think.

      Thanks for taking an interest.

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